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Advanced Excel Course

Aakar Computer Provide Advanced Excel is a quite precious tactic than an actual learning benchmark of MS Excel. It provides a good insight into the latest and advanced features available in Microsoft Excel. It also gives you the comfort of using graphics, tables that are utilized in reports presentations, sales and others. Moreover, it incorporates ways to identify trends by means and averages that will be useful when trying explanations of the behaviour of certain figures.

Excel Course Syllabus

  • Introduction to Ms Excel, Data Formatting,
  • Sum,Average,Minimum,Maximum,Small,
  • Large,Count,Concatenate ,Countblank,
  • Upper,Lower,Proper,Sumif,Countif,
  • Trim,Round ,Roundup ,Rounddown,
  • Left ,Right ,Month,Year,Weekday,Days,
  • Ppmt,Pmt,Ipmt,
  • Lookup,
  • Vlookup,
  • Hlookup,
  • Nested Lookup.
  • Cell Referencing, Simple If Statement & Nested,
  • If Statements, If Statement with Logical,
  •  Functions and, Income Tax Calculation
  • Insert List, Create Custom list, Quick Sort,
  • Multilevel Sort, Custome Sort, Subtotals,
  • Auto & Advance Filter, Filter Using Criteria
  • Range,Filter Form another Worksheet,
  • wild Card Entry in Filter.
  • DATA Validation, Pivot Table & Chart, Developer
  • Tabs (Advance), Advance Stock, Compare &
  • Merge Removes Duplicate Data.
  • Workbook Password Protection, Worksheet &
  • Cell Protection, Record & Run Macro.
  • GST Bill Calculation
  • Preparing GST Bill
  • Page Layout-Printing Setting

Course Duration

1 Months 


  • Preferably be a 10th Std. passed student. (Not Compulsory)
  • Keen desire to learn Excel Report and IT. 

Advantages Advance Excel Training

  • Helps you present data in excellent manner.
  • Helps in finishing tasks more quickly and accurately.
  • You have more chances of getting hired.
  • Getting more accurate reports.
  • You will have more value to employers
  • Protects a significant amount of Time
  • Increase your Knowledge and Management Skills

Our Student Testimonial

Aakar Institute is one of the best computer . That is have ever been to the class offers a great variety of courses. The teachers here are one quiet professional. Their teaching method is quiet practical basis which help us to learn in an more efficient way. I have done Ms-cit .my teacher was quiet understanding…
Ammar Rindani
Advance Excel Student
Aakar institute is very good institute. The trainer which is provide depth knowledge about topic. My trainer who provided me the best knowledge in Excel course. It was really nice experience studying here. Training was excellent with good interaction, Knowledge sharing is also good. All facility is excellent, the course helped to build confidence, valuable experience and learning.
Yash Kamble
Advance Excel Student
It is a great experience for me to learn at Aakar computer institute. I like the way of teaching very easy to understand, the course is also structured very well by the Trainer. I should recommend other to join Aakar Institute, as it’s very much helpful.
Snehal Gosavi
Advance Excel Student

Frequently Ask Questions

Microsoft Excel is an electronic spreadsheet application that enables users to store, organize, calculate and manipulate the data with formulas using a spreadsheet system broken up by rows and columns. It also provides the flexibility to use an external database to do analysis, make reports, etc. thus saving lots of time.

The Course Duration of Advanced Excel is 1 Month (Daily 1 hr Mon to Sat)

Calculating the numbers in Excel sheet, not only help you to give the final ‘sum up’ of the number but, it also calculates automatically the number replaced by another number or digit. Through Excel sheet, the complex calculations become easy like payroll deduction or averaging the student’s result.

A macro is a step or a group of steps that we perform more than once. We can develop a macro for these tedious tasks. Macros are generally coded or recorded by the users

After Course Competition we will Provide Online Certification