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C++ Programming Course

C++ Programming Course

C++ is a general-purpose programming language that was created as an extension of the C programming language. Developed by Bjarne Stroustrup in the early 1980s, C++ was designed with the goal of providing object-oriented programming (OOP) features while maintaining the efficiency and performance of C.

         C++ is used in a variety of domains, including system software, game development, high-performance applications, embedded systems, operating systems, scientific computing, and more. Its combination of high performance and flexibility makes it a popular choice among programmers aiming to develop efficient and powerful applications.

C++ Programming Syllabus

  • Grad Function Prototypes
  • Functions
  • Classes in C++
  • Miscellaneous Class Issue

Stacks and Queues
 The Linked List
 Stacks and Queues Revisited
 Trees
 Binary Trees
 Traversal of a Binary Tree
 Deletion from a Binary Tree

More Inheritance
 Some More Inheritance
 Multiple Levels of Inheritance
 Multiple Inheritance
 Constructors in Multiple Inheritance
 A Word of Caution
 Private Inheritance
 Protected Inheritance
 Functions That Are Not Inherited
 Incremental Development

  • Input / Output in C++
  • Classes Within Classes
     friend Functions
     Overloading << and >>
     One More Use Of friend Function
     friend Classes

     A Word of Caution
     Smart Pointers
     More Smart Pointers
     Pointers to Members
     The explicit Keyword
     The mutable Keyword
     Namespaces
     Using A Namespace
     RTTI
     When to Use RTTI
     Typecasting in C++

  • Templates
  • Case Studies

Course Duration

2 Months 


  • Basic Understanding of Programming

  • Familiarity with C or other Programming Languages 

  • Mathematical and Logical Aptitude

  • Desire to Learn

  • Access to Learning Resources:

Advantages C++ Programming Training

    • Performance: C++ is known for its high performance and efficiency. 

    • Flexibility: C++ supports multiple programming paradigms.

    • Portability: C++ code can be written to be portable across different platforms 

    • Object-Oriented Approach: C++ supports object-oriented programming (OOP) concepts like classes, objects, inheritance, polymorphism, and encapsulation, which help in organizing code, enhancing reusability, and maintaining a clear structure.

    • Standard Template Library (STL): C++ comes with a rich set of libraries through the Standard Template Library. 

    • Memory Management: C++ allows developers to manage memory directly. 

    • Scalability: It’s suitable for developing both small-scale applications and large-scale projects.

    • Community and Ecosystem: C++ has a large community of developers, along with extensive libraries, tools, and resources available, making it easier to find support, solutions, and resources for various tasks.

    • Legacy Code Maintenance

    • Widely Used in Various Industries

Our Student Testimonial

Here Teachers Are So Understanding And Solve Our Doubts Easily. I Am Very Glad To Take This Class, the Interior Is Superb, It Was Great Experience and Knowledgeable And Teacher Are Goods to Everything Thanks You Aakar Institute
Priyanka Fulvariya
Advance Tally Student
Aakar computer classes always gives best service to each and every student staff is really good Sir is like our parents sir give us knowledge teaches and show right path to each and every student sir guide us in problem sir help us sir is really good thank uh so much for everything
Tanvi Thombre
Advance Tally Student
Learning Tally at Aakar Institute was a great experience. I got to learn everything I was hoping for and much more. Every Teacher was very supportive and always motivated me. It was a fun experience. I am great full for being a part of such a wonderful journey.
Sharvari Raut
Advance Tally Student

Frequently Ask Questions

C++ is a general-purpose programming language developed as an extension of the C language. It supports various programming paradigms, including procedural, object-oriented, and generic programming.

A C++ programming course is suitable for beginners, students, and professionals interested in learning a powerful, versatile programming language widely used in various domains like software development, system programming, game development, and more.

Proficiency in C++ opens up opportunities in software development, game development, system software, embedded systems, and other domains requiring high performance and efficiency.

Yes, C++ remains highly relevant. It’s used in critical systems, high-performance applications, gaming, embedded systems, and various other fields, proving its importance and relevance.

Learning any programming language requires time and practice. C++ can be challenging for beginners due to its complexity and features, but with dedication and consistent practice, it becomes manageable.