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Website Development Course
Website Dedigning Course

Web Designing Course

Web Technologies are intrinsic to our lives and core to our students’ future careers. … Aakar’s Web Designing course supports exploration in careers related to the design, development. Web technologies refers to the way computers/devices communicate. with each other using mark up languages. It is communication. across the web, and create, deliver or manage web content using hypertext markup language (HTML), CSS, Bootstrap, WordPress.

Web Design Course Syllabus

  • Web Designing Overview,Understanding website structure- Domain, Sub Domains, Servers, Hosting, CMS, WordPress




Introduction,Html Editors,Visual code and note pad,Html



Block & Inline,Classes,Id,Iframes,Semantics,Forms,Media

  • Introduction, Syntax, Z-index, External CSS, Internal CSS

  • Inline CSS, Comments, rows & coloumn, Background,

  • Borders, Margin, Padding, Height & width, Box Model, Text

  • Formatting ,Fonts, Links, List, Tables, Display, Max-Width,

  • Position, Overflow, Float, Inline-Block, Align, Pseudo class,

  • Rounded corners, Backgrounds, Media Queries, Colors

  • Keywords, Gradients, Shadows, Text Effects, Web Fonts,

  • Transforms, Transition, Animation, Tooltips, Buttons,

  • Font Awesome

  • Site name, Header, Body, Posts, Blogs, Themes,
  • Themes Modifications, Plugins, Different Types of
  • Users, Tools
  • Elementer, Site name,Header, Body, Posts, Blogs,
  • Themes, Themes Modifications, Plugins, Different
  • Types of Users, Tools
  • Hide, Show Function
  • If function, Pop Up Box,
  • Confirmation Box,
  • Plugin image slider
  • Grid basic, Typography, Tables, Images, Jumbotron,

  • Buttons, Glyphicons, Badges/Labels, Progress Bar,

  • Pagination,Pager,ListGroup,Dropdown,Collapse,

  • Tabs/Pills,Navbar,Forms,Input,Tooltip,

  • Popover, Scrollspy, Themes

  • Canava image editor, Logo maker, Font

  • Awesome icons, Google fonts, How to buy

  • domain, Hosting, How to upload live html, How to

  • live wordpress website, How to import,export

  • wordpress website, Xampp ofline server

Course Duration

3 Months 


  • Preferably be a 12th Std. passed student. (Not Compulsory)
  • Keen desire to learn Information Technology. 

Advantages Web Designing Training

  • Improve your Creativity and Fun Learning
  • Freelance Opportunities
  • Increase Chances to Work With Tech Company
  • IT Concepts and General Awareness

Our Student Testimonial

Training was excellent with good interaction. Knowledge sharing is good. Recording facility is excellent for revising. Course was practically and informative. Chitralekha Maam is enthusiastic and really aware of what she is explaining. The course helped to build confidence, Valuable experiences and learning.
Rohan Akliparambil
Web Designing Student
This was very beautiful, memorable journey and great experience with chitralekha mam. I am really inspired by her teaching. She really taught us how to our work in a professional way. Her teaching skill is really best. She taught me web designing now I have a very good command on that in HTML , CSS, bootstrap etc. At same time she very friendly with us. She clears all our doubts. She conduct every session in a consistent manner and she also gives knowledge of related fields. I really cherish the moment under the guidance of chitralekha mam. It really worth to take admission under her faculty.
Rizwana Shaikh
Web Designing Student
Interior Of Institute Is Superb. Teachers Are Doing Wonderful Things To Sharpen Our Knowledge. I Am Really Thankful To All Teachers For Provide Your Best Efforts. I Am Very Glad To Take This Class. I Didn’t Think That In Another Class They Will Teach Us Like This Which You All Are Doing.The Institute Is Fully Air Conditioned, And After Coming Here It Was Just Like Our Mind Says Do Concentrate.
Koyal Rana
Web Designing Student

Frequently Ask Questions

  1. Basics of Web Designing.
  2. Web Technologies.
  3. Introduction to Web Design .
  4. HTML, HTML5
  5. CSS,CSS3
  6. Bootstrap
  7. Javascript
Yes, web designing is a good career.  Web Designing increase opportunities of top-paying jobs.  according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor, the job market for Web Developers is expected to grow 15 percent by 2026.
While learning the foundational skills to become a Web Designer is relatively straightforward, becoming a good Web Designer  can be more challenging, requiring ongoing learning and effort over years.


Web design process has four major phases: 

  1. Project discovery,
  2. Ideation and information architecture,
  3. User interface design, and testing
  4. Evaluation after launch.